2023 Goals for The Arena

The sheer fact that the goal of The Arena Disciplina has come to fruition to this level still amazes me. 

There’s still a lot more room to grow in the pursuit of impacting lives.

I remember the idea for “The Arena Disciplina” (or something like it) coming to me like a bolt of lightning while I was working in my office. This is odd because most eureka moments happen to me when I run outside or when I take showers. 

Anyway, I immediately wrote down a bunch of ideas on poster board and displayed them on the wall of my office. The daily inspiration I drew thereafter from those scribbled-on poster boards kept me excited about this crazy idea.

A lot had happened leading up to this “bolt of lightning” moment to finally quit talking about it and do something about it. 

Up to that point I had sought out different leadership training seminars around the country (from California to Tennessee); I had read many impactful books including Jocko Willink’s book Discipline is Freedom which talks about discipline in the form of exercise; and Admiral William H. McRaven’s book Make Your Bed which encourages discipline in the form of good daily habits; of course coming across Teddy Roosevelt’s The Man in The Arena was influential and I had absorbed the breadth of different Latin words and phrasings

All were huge influences and inspirations for The Arena Disciplina.

Additionally, I had revamped my approach to how I train & exercise using exclusively The3.5.9Protocol (which is used in the Workout Challenges when you join The Arena)

The realization that came to me was to collide all of these incredible tactics towards health, fitness, wellness and self-improvement into a nice and orderly Venn diagram, thus utilizing & applying everything that intersected. 

The Arena Disciplina was born. 

My job now is to continue working hard while resting in God’s will and His provision. 


• Double the number of current Adherents (“Adherents” are members of The Arena Disciplina).

• Roll out the merchandise store

• Roll out the monthly “Parliament” video conference calls (free as part of the subscription to The Arena) The first Parliament call is Jan 12, 2023

• Create a promotional video specific for The 3.5.9 Protocol like I did for The Arena (check out The Arena promo video here)

• Donate monthly to Tunnels to Towers Foundation 

(I will check these off and time-stamp them as they get fully accomplished)

Cheers to you for being a part of The Arena Disciplina and The 3.5.9 Protocol

Please join The Arena here and subscribe to the growing YouTube channel here

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