An Arena Apologue II: “Purpose and Vision.”

Two bricklayers were sweating under the sweltering and suffocating sun doing the hard work that others would quickly shy from. 

Many passersby would ask each of the bricklayers what they were building there.

And each time asked, each bricklayer would answer the exact same way. 

One of the hard-working masons would curtly shrug off the question saying, “I’m just laying bricks for a building to go here,” as he splashed the bricks onto the mortar.

The other would reply describing his work as though he were watching it unfold right before his very eyes. 

“I’m building a church,“ he would describe without missing a beat, “The Word of God will be taught here. Families will gather here. Unions will start here. Baptisms will happen here. Tears will be shed here. People will be saved here. Brick by brick, that is what I’m building here.”

Worth a ponder:

What are you doing? Why are you doing it?

What are you pouring yourself into? What are you building? 

What is the end game? 

What is your legacy?

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