An Arena Apologue III: “Quit Making Such Lame Excuses.”

A group of married thirty year-old guys, all with kids, were out fishing one morning talking about everything under the sun.

Among many topics discussed, the topic of finishing goals came up.

The group erupted with groans accompanied with a collective ”pfft” dismissing the notion of “goals” with a too late for that mentality.

Then, suddenly, one of the guys offered up in a more serious tone that he would like to go back to school to finish his degree and actually graduate.

Playing along with the “fantasy,” one of his buddies suggested that he “do it then!

Defeatedly, he replied back, “yeah right, I’d be 40 years old by the time I’m done!

Now in an equally serious tone, his buddy reminded him, “Bro, you’re gonna be 40 anyway.”

(Okay, so what? 

The commodity of time is passing like a freight train whether you’re taking steps towards a goal or sitting on your hands hemming and hawing waiting for the perfect time.

What are you putting off because of “circumstances”? 

Why are you making so many excuses?

What’s getting in the way of your goals for yourself?

Make a plan. Execute the details of the plan. See the plan through.

Quit making excuses. They’re lame and played out.)


“At the end of our lives our greatest regrets won’t be the mistakes we have made. It will be the opportunities we left on the table.”

From the book “Chase the Lion” by Mark Batterson

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