Happy Newest Year. READ ME.

Did you feel that!? 

It happened the exact moment when midnight struck and when 2024 became our newest year!

An overwhelming sense of motivation, drive and discipline overcame my mind’s hardwired bend towards complacency, excuse-making and self-doubt. 

It was magical!


You didn’t feel that? 

Yeah, neither did I. 

Cue the sad trombone…

The good news is we don’t need a “new year” as the reason to FINALLY start adding legitimate (not punishing) discipline to our lives. 

Whether it’s a new year or a random Tuesday in June, just simply commit to getting up a LITTLE bit earlier, eating just a LITTLE less sugar, drinking just a LITTLE more water, reading a good book and staying off the social media sewers just a LITTLE bit longer, exercising just a LITTLE bit more, writing in your journal just a LITTLE more often…

You get the point.

Please don’t think you have to radically modify your life just because “today’s the day, by golly.” 

Although your heart and intentions are in the right place, that approach drastically reduces the odds of success and sets you up for failure. That approach risks lulling you back into unfruitful or destructive behavior patterns and you end up blowing it off and telling yourself *shrug* there’s always next year.

But, what the hay, in the spirit of the day, I’ll play along: Happy New Year and Happy New You! 

Good luck!

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