Holiday Hiatus

I’ll be taking a hiatus from posting new My Perspective articles, but I’ll be putting up older blog posts in case you happen to have missed any.

Perish the thought!

Have a great holiday season with loved ones. 

Enjoy the time, but don’t lose your mind or your discipline when it comes to living an orderly life. 

You can still join The Arena at any time. Go here

Continue getting in your prayer/quiet time, exercising, drinking plenty of water, limiting your sugar intake, reading, making your bed, etc.

Please enjoy this previous post from June 6, 2022: An Orderly Way of Life.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy New Year

I’ll see you fresh and invigorated ready to kick off 2024,


p.s. you can continue to follow and do my workouts on the WID Today.

p.p.s.Consider doing a 90-day Lifestyle Modification Challenge to kick off 2024! Read about Life Mod here too.

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