“My blog has a perspective and a protocol.” Let me explain.

#2. Welcome to the blog for The359Protocol and for “The Arena Disciplina.” Quick sidenote: if you haven’t joined The Arena for an “orderly way of life,” give it some serious consideration.

My hope and intention with writing these blogs is to present my thoughts, perspectives and observations about different things and pretend that you care THAT MUCH to read, consider and ponder over.

The “protocol” for My Perspectives that I intend to strictly follow is to keep each blog entry to around 300 words. My thought behind that is who wants to read someone else’s bloviating regardless of how much you enjoy his/her opinion about different things? I sure don’t.

So, friends (in concert with The Arena Disciplina), I hope these blog posts, at a bare minimum, but not limited to: spur thought, ignite healthy dialogues, reframe thought-patterns or just put a smile on your face while opening your heart, mind and eyes to something new and exciting.


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Happy Newest Year. READ ME.

Did you feel that!?  It happened the exact moment when midnight struck and when 2024 became our newest year! An overwhelming sense of motivation, drive and discipline

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Holiday Hiatus

I’ll be taking a hiatus from posting new My Perspective articles, but I’ll be putting up older blog posts in case you happen to have missed any.

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