My perspective #11: “Squat & reach through life.” Let me explain.

Two questions: 1) How deep can you squat well? 2) How high can you reach well? The answers to both should be “fully.” And, by “well,” I mean with confidence and without pain, strain or fruitless-grimacing. 

These are functional mechanics you need to know for your body. If the depth of your squat or height of your reach isn’t that low or that high, respectively, figure out a way to improve both – within your circumstances and painlessly!

It can be well argued that the better your squat is and the higher your reach is, the better quality of life you’re more likely to have. Arguably, confident and well-maintained ROMs (range of motion) in both will help not only strengthen your muscles, but your bones and joints too.

NOTE: I did NOT say that your life will BE better nor that your LENGTH of life will be better just because you can squat and reach well. I’m just arguing that the QUALITY of your life will be better.

Until I read a compelling article that dispels that argument, I’ll continue squatting heavy weights deeply and not shying away from moving heavy, awkward objects above head.

And, yes, I can attest that reaching really high while squatting really low is SUPER cool and fun, it is not necessary nor necessarily even functional (…but it is fun :-D).

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