My Perspective #14: “Ignorance is Blitzed” 1 of 3. Let me explain

I had always scoffed at the idea of walking as a form of exercise. 

The idea of “walking” had always seemed like a complete waste of time and energy. Why walk when I can jog or run? You know, real exercise! 

I saw pretty much zero value in walking. 

Well, now, walking is pretty much well-incorporated into my workout routines. I walk not because I can’t jog or run (which I also do), but because I’ve learned that there’s strength-building and discipline to walking. 

Walking is an excellent way to strengthen hip flexors, the gastrocnemii/tibias (calves and shin muscles) and to be cognizant of your posture.

Walking has a way of keeping you honest too. What do I mean? I strongly encourage downloading a metronome app and walking to it. Keeping pace with the cadence of the metronome tick will help keep you mindful of your foot strike and keeping a consistent pace. Metronome walking/jogging keeps your feet under your hips too forcing a nice posture. This is what I mean by “keeping you honest.” 

Please, however, know the difference in walking for exercise and walking for leisure. Strolling aisles at the grocery store or traversing a gravel terrain at an antique bazaar isn’t walking. So, before you present the argument, this isn’t an exercise loophole. Sorry.

Action items: download a metronome app, start walking briskly.

(read this Perspective on running too)

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Read “Ignorance Is Blitzed” 3 of 3 here

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