My Perspective #15: “Strenuous-rich and pain-free” Let me explain

I like to quip, “If you’re gonna workout, you might as well workout.” A caveat to that is to be smart about it.

All of the movements in our 3.5.9 Protocol Workout Challenges in The Arena ( should be done within the confines of a full, confident and pain-free range of motion (ROM). Understand that a “pain-free” ROM is not a strenuous-free ROM. Did you catch that? There’s a difference in a pain-free ROM and a strenuous-free ROM. 

A painful ROM is, well, painful, counter-productive and can potentially impede progress or sideline you altogether, thus for that reason, we want a PAIN-free ROM. This requires a thoughtful, ego-free approach to working out/training. 

Conversely, a STRENUOUS-free ROM can prevent you from reaching specific desired athletic or aesthetic goals, possibly, altogether too. 

This is where you the athlete (and, yes, you are an athlete, and I’m very proud of you) have a responsibility to “feel” when you’re in a ROM that is pain-free, but not strenuous-free. 

Given our individual muscular and skeletal makeups, we all have different pain-free, strenuous-rich ROMs before our form starts to deteriorate preventing solid, beneficial results. Stay as injury-free for as long as you can without compromising your development, so, learn your workable ROM!

If you catch yourself overly grimacing or overly straining, you’re potentially working in a dangerous range of motion. If you catch yourself breezing through the workout not breaking much of a sweat, odds are strong that you’re staying in a comfortable, strenuous-free range of motion.  Both instances need a good evaluation. 

So, here’s the workout strategy moving forward: 1) avoid painful ROMs, 2) pursue strenuous-rich ROMs and 3) sweat.

Note: Yes, there is an inherent “risk” of injury with moving your body at all whether via sloppy exercise form, a perfect exercise form or a casual stroll to the mailbox, so be aware.

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