My Perspective #16: “Down with GPP.” Let me explain.

GPP is a popular acronym among many in the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) space, but as far as I’m concerned it should be part of our basic vernacular.

GPP means General Physical Preparedness.

The concept of GPP meets head-on and without reservation things like:

Lugging a bag of dog food over our shoulder; putting our socks on standing up; falling down and getting up quickly; stumbling and quickly correcting; reaching above head; picking up a heavy box and putting it on a separate shelf; completing a household chore or yardwork quickly and completely; pushing a car; lifting our child from one spot to another; climbing a tree, etc. etc. etc. 

We must simply and constantly train & prepare our bodies to be USED these ways and to be USE to these ways. You read that right.

How do we keep our bodies ripe & ready for the everyday grind? By making time to squat heavy weights; walk, jog and run quickly and in different climates and elements; bodyweight pullups (even if it’s a struggle to get one); burpees; learning the Clean & Jerk techniques; pushups…

All of these (and more) can be successfully accomplished by incorporating The 3•5•9 Protocol into our workout regimen.

Independence is a big deal. The way we control the things within our control to maintain our personal independence should be at top of mind — all the time. 

GPP. Learn to love it.

(Read my entry on GSP – General Scholastic Preparedness here)

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