My Perspective #17: “Down with GSP.” Let me explain.

GSP is a lesser-known acronym. You’ve probably never heard of it before because I made it up. However, feel free to use it as though it were your very own.

GSP means General Scholastic Preparedness

Have you ever known someone who could talk intelligently about nothing and everything? Or known someone with knowledge “a mile long but a foot deep?” I have. I had always considered both examples above as nothing but compliments too. To me those types of people had always exemplified well-adjusted, well-rounded, jacks-of-all-trades, Renaissance type of people. 

Personally, I had always striven for that certain savoir faire in the ways described above. 

The endeavors of learning, asking questions, listening to answers, critically thinking, finding resolutions, working collaboratively has always fascinated me and still does.

Like, the idea of tying an appropriate knot to secure a load, knowing how to use a tourniquet, talking different geographies and cultures, learning foreign languages, playing an instrument, quoting the Classics & Scripture, pondering a Latin phrase, etc has always been so exciting to me, but also, as it turns out, is pretty darn practical too.

I guess you could say I yearn to learn. 

The only predicament now is why stop at only a mile long and a foot deep? 

Let’s learn…

Gradatim ferociter – Step by step, ferociously.

(Read my entry on GPP – General Physical Preparedness here)

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