My Perspective #24: “Quit living intentionally.” Let me explain.

How many times have you not followed through on something that you intended to do? Or, how often did you end up not starting or stopping some habit or trend that you swore you would start/stop? 

Like, your heart was totally in it, but you just simply “forgot” or lost steam, thus triggering some tired, lame excuse, BUT, the thing is (as you justify in your head), you tOtally intended to do the thing, thus, absolving you of any further-attached responsibility.

I’ve sure been guilty of this just like you have, but, frankly, I have gotten way better in this area. 

Not perfect, but better. 

I have become way more conscientious of the things that I say I’ll do and the timeframe in which I say I’ll do it. If I don’t feel like I’ll be able to do whatever thing, especially in a reasonable timeframe, I won’t even agree to it, thus, saving me from hiding behind my genuine, well-intended intention.

However, conversely, if you respect the notion of truly working with intention the way it’s, well, intended instead of using it as a scapegoat to sugar-coat an underlying meh-attitude, that’s different, but a lot of us aren’t “there.” 

For this reason, I challenge you to quit living intentionally, and try living more deliberately instead.

Did you feel that mind-shift?

If we put forth the deliberate effort towards a favor, a task, a chore or your own personal stuff, I argue you’re way more likely to follow through with it. 

In this vein of effort, you will either deliberately do something or deliberately not do something. The gray is gone.

So, next time you say you intend to do something, the outcome of that intent will reveal whether you really meant what you said and really said what you meant.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. 

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