My perspective #25: “Gone in a flash.” Let me explain.

At a minimum, we are all flashes in the pan. 

Have you ever heard that expression used to describe someone? 

The google-search describes a flash in the pan as a “transient experience with no long-term effect.” 

Put more bluntly, it’s a person full of excitement, enthusiasm and intention, then a sudden halt-screeching, steam-losing, motivation-depleting fizzle-out happens, thus leaving an empty shell of a former sUper-excited person and a possibly tarnished credibility. 

There’s really no disappointment, necessarily (although it is disappointing), dealing with these kinds of people or occurrences, because it’s become par for the course in a lot of our societal interactions. 

Ugh, I hate to sound so cynical, but can you specifically note a legitimately: dependable person? Reliable person? Generous person? Responsible person? Energetic person? Detailed person? Helpful person? Hopeful person? Attentive person? Thoughtful person? Steady person? Hard-working person?

Who’s the first person that comes to mind when you think of [most of] these attributes? How many people do you know or interact with are CONSISTENT with [most of] these attributes? Do you fall under [most of/any of] these attributes?

The reason why we actually notice and remember people who have these (or some of these) attributes is because (seemingly) very few have these attributes, so, the people that do possess these things stand out among the vast crowd of those that don‘t.

However, in fairness, we all reflect some of the virtuous attributes like the ones above at least once, right? Maybe twice. Because, at a bare minimum, we are all “transient experiences.” It’s the consistency or “long-term effect” where we fizzle… 

It’s those who are consistent long-term who we remember, in whom we prefer to confide & trust and in whom we know what to expect when times get tough.

So, if you say you’ll start working out every day, reading every day, cooking every day, saving every month, living within your means from now on, paying all your bills on time every time, you very well may be a sufferer of pan-flashing (is that a thing?).

So, at a bare minimum, we are all flashes in the pan. Bare minimalists, if you will. 

However, but, and anyway, if your focus, motivation and discipline are still met with the same level of enthusiasm now as they were then, then you, my friend, are a unique 1%er and I want to be your friend.

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