My Perspective #26: “Sit vis vobiscum.” Let me explain.

This Latin phrase means “May the force be with you,“ coined by none other than lightsaber-wielding Master Yoda himself. 

To be extra-ridiculous, “May the fourth be with you.” Get it? “May the force…” “May the fourth…” Today is the 4th of May. 


So, the thing is, I don’t really count the last forty-ish days of the year as requisite, strict discipline. 

I know I know. I hear you. And you’re right!

Because of the hustle-bustle of the holidays, the smorgasbords of charcuteries and endless chips & salsa (my ultimate weakness), I give myself a pass on the resolutions-pursuit made ~10.5 months earlier — without completely sabotaging EVERYTHING, that is. 

With that, I’ve come to embrace this day, May 4th, as a mid-way point to assess my well-intentioned, but usually and regrettably, ephemeral resolutions from Jan 1 of every single year. 

“However, this year’s gonna be different!” I declare with utmost conviction (but this year I actually mean it). 

This year’s goals as of 1/1/2022 were:

Launch (done)

Launch (done)

Read 30 books (these books can include books of Bible) (I have 20 more books to go. Yikes!)

Get to <205# and stay there (I’m currently at 210 from 227, so it’s coming off!)

Go on a mission trip (not yet)

Run a minimum average of 4 miles/week every week (been doing pretty well on this)

Run at least one half marathon (done although broken up in 3 different legs)

6 weeks of MMA/BJJ training (not yet)

Learn basics of archery (not yet)

Take a tactical gun training course (not yet)

Learn 7 chords on the guitar well (begun but not learnt)

Buy a piece of art (not yet)

I’m clearly lagging behind on some of my pursuits, but I have the rest of the year to go…which ends November 19. 

How are your 1/1/2022 pursuits going?

(Blog post from 1/1/2022)

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