My perspective #27: “Reflect Discipline.” Let me explain.

I had been racking my brain on an appropriate “slogan” that would complement (and compliment) the concept of The 3.5.9 Protocol. 

I knew I wanted to have “reflect” in it because I thought there was power in the imagery of that. But, reflect what: reflect commitment, reflect consistency, reflect sacrifice, reflect focus, etc.? All of those were good and relevant, but were meaningless without discipline. Then I thought, “hmm, reflect discipline.” 

The idea of reflecting discipline actually encapsulated everything that I had wanted to get across. 

Without a level of discipline and, specifically, if things didn’t come naturally to you (like they don’t for me), any pursuit to improve and grow becomes seemingly unattainable and unachievable, right? It’s definitely harder without some discipline, for sure.

I don’t know about you, but I love to watch masters of their craft work. I think of the discipline that they HAD to employ to be at the top of their game. The artistry and ease of someone who has honed their craft, makes me admire their level of commitment, consistency, sacrifice, and focus, but mostly, the discipline that was necessary to make what they do (now) look effortless.

Now, none of us need to be “masters of our craft” per se, but without getting up earlier (aka discipline), you may not be able to thoughtfully journal uninterruptedly; without eating less junk (aka discipline), you may not be able to shed those nagging pounds; without taking time to tighten up your presentation (aka discipline), you may not land that promotion; without practicing that extra 15 minutes (aka discipline), you may not flow from one chord to another like you want; without making time for exercise (aka discipline), you may see your health, strength and fitness deteriorate. 

If you don’t care just a little bit more today than you did yesterday (aka discipline), you may find yourself that much further from your hopes and expectations for yourself. I think you should compare yourself.

So, if there were ever a day to start consistently implementing more discipline into your routine, it’s today. 

I think you’ll like the reflection.

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