My perspective #28: “Fight for it.” Let me explain.

For kids there’s a lot of emphasis on being physically active, not fit necessarily, but active (at least there should be), from playing tag with friends, hiking, climbing trees & rocks, swimming, racing down the street, playing organized sports to just simply being outside looking at bugs. 

Striving for a consistent level of physical activity and being encouraged to do so should be an important part of our children’s rearing.

Being active was encouraged in me growing up, and now my wife and I try to encourage it with our three-year old as well. 

We love to be outside with him, wrestle with him, play chase with him, dance with him. Those are fun, cherished moments. However, I hope those moments also help set a trajectory for him later in life to choose activity over passivity, playing over sitting or just opting to do stuff over not doing stuff (especially when he doesn’t feel like it or when circumstances are less ideal).

As we get older life comes to us from a bunch of different angles. Am I right? It gets harder and harder to stay physically engaged with exercise. Circumstances change radically.

Fast forward through the years. 

The years are filled with good & bad decisions, multiple jobs, a marriage (maybe multiple), a high-interest mortgage, debt, lovely kids, then BAM!, you find yourself knee-deep in the throes of life – potentially overweight and soft. (Followup Read here)

You reminisce and tell stories of when you were in the “best shape of your life.” And that loving encouragement that once was is now dismissed as incessant nagging. 

Well, if you’re like me, you’ve put things off, settled for “it is what it is,” wondered what if, basked in my “potential.” Blah blah blah. We all have the reasons for not doing stuff.

Anyway, I decided to release myself from the excuses, doubts and shrugs to deciding to fight for my health and fitness. 

I chose to fight for my athleticism. 

I realized I’m worth the fight, my family was worth the fight, my business was worth the fight and getting old “better” was worth the fight. Plus, I realized the blessing it is to be a good steward of my body and my body’s potential. That, too, was worth the fight.

Now, gratefully, activity is now just part of my lifestyle. 

Yes, it gets harder to make physical activity a priority because of life’s “stuff,” but is it not worth it? Is the “hard” not worth it? 

Fight for your athleticism every single day! You’ll win every single time.

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