My Perspective #3: “Be it then spell it.” Let me explain.

#3. It was 4th grade in Ms. Harpool’s language arts class and the much-anticipated day had come: Spelling Bee day! Oh boy! At an early age I had prided myself on being able to spell well. Like, I was the kid to go to if a dictionary wasn’t readily available. 

After a couple rounds of successful spelling and after multiple hapless souls fell victim to the silent k’s and transposable e’s and i’s, the opportunity to flex my spelling prowess had come back around to me. Bring it on!

“Entrepreneur,” Ms. Harpool declared. Shuffling in my seat I asked her to please repeat the word. “Entrepreneur,” she slowly enunciated. 

With a deep breath, gaining my composure and aligning my posture, I confidently spelled the word….and consequently slaughtered the word. 

I sank in despair in my chair, head in hands joining the ranks of the unlucky spelling casualties before me.

Well, fast forward a whole bunch of years, I have become, ironically, one proud ONCHRAPRANURE and a little better speller.

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