My Perspective #30. “WID Today.” Let me explain.

“WID” is just a cheesy acronym for Workout I Did. But, if you continue reading, the title says Workout I Did Today

The tense used of the to do verb is in the past tense: did. Grammar-hammers would call this the preterit tense.

Plus, the title doesn’t say “Workout I’m Gonna Do Today” and it doesn’t even say “Workout I Will Do Today.” Those are both nice, well-intended action statements, but that’s exactly what they are: statements.  (read Quit Living Intentionally here)

Grammatically-speaking, “will” is the future tense and “going to” (or gonna) is what’s called the shortcut to the future, which is a type of future tense. First, we all know there ain’t no shortcuts, so toss that one out. Secondly, saying you will do something is pretty darn close to a full-blown commitment-level statement, but still leaves juuuust enough room to squeeze out of the commitment. 

will lift weights. I will eat better. I will read it. I will run. I will let the dogs out. I will do that nagging chore. 

I will do these things, yes, but when

Who knows. 

Don’t bug me.

But, saying what I DID is referencing something, well, DONE. (but was it done well, but I digress…)

The chore/task/pursuit can now be regarded as accomplished, whittled off the to-do list and brushed off the shoulders. 

So, if you’d like to join me in exercises using The 3•5•9 Protocol or just doing different runs, check the WID Today every day. Don’t worry, there’ll be rest days.

At a minimum, you’ll get in your exercise and at a maximum, you can say you DID it!

(Above referenced link here)

Legend for WID Today entries:

“3×359” = 3 rounds. Each round is 3 reps for power @ certain weight, 5 reps for strength @ certain weight and 9 reps for speed @ certain weight. 

If there are no entries for the WID Today, assume I’m taking a lazy day, um, I mean a rest day!!

Check out the most recent WID Today here!

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