My Perspective #31: “An Orderly Way of Life” Let me explain.

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Incepto ne desistam* 

I have always believed in health, fitness and personal development via diet, exercise and meaningful hobbies, respectively. 

Unfortunately, none get executed well without the implementation of their (respective) counterpart. 

I would argue that we all desire to be healthy (or healthier), fit (or fitter) and more well-rounded individuals. Respectively, we all know we have to adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating more nutritiously, physically exert our bodies in the form of exercise and by putting ourselves “out there“ by trying new things and expanding our horizons. 

Things that prevent us from taking any kind of action, however, may be the education, like, figuring out where to start; or the motivation, like, figuring out why to start. But the harsh and sad reality is the discipline, like, pushing through the not wanting to start. 

I have always seen value in and striven towards a lifestyle that would be sustainable “forever,” but also not too burdensome or punishing-feeling. Some would call this a “balanced and moderate” approach, but I like to call it a “meaningful and orderly” approach. 

I personally (try to) pursue a lifestyle that is, in fact, meaningful and orderly. This is a lifestyle that makes time for fellowship with friends, reading good books, traveling, spending quality time with family, eating wisely, pursuing hobbies, exercising daily, learning new things, even making my bed and just being a good steward of my time and resources. Part of the orderly way of life is not rushing any of these things, and that’s important to note. (Read similar entry on General Scholastic Preparedness here).

The  Arena Disciplina was designed exactly for the reasons above. The Arena is meant to direct you in the form of exercise, yes, which is extremely important, but it isn’t everything. 

The Arena was also designed for you to engage in, discover, adopt and try new things. Some of the things you’d be charged and challenged to do in The Arena may indeed be commonplace or they may be completely foreign. Regardless of their familiarity, by consistently implementing meaningful behaviors, an orderly way of life is inevitable.

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*Latin translation from above: “May I not shrink from my purpose”

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