My Perspective #37: “Eulogize someone.” Let me explain.

What’s so nice about a eulogy is that it’s used as a perfect opportunity to exalt and extol someone of his good qualities, his contributions, her sense of humor or anything else admirable that was memorable.  

But, what’s unfortunate about eulogies is that the person we are exalting and extolling is good’n dead. 

Sad and unfortunate.

I just hope the person who everyone is eulogizing and praising was able to hear the kind, uplifting compliments, words of encouragement, and shown how he mattered or reminded of how funny or insightful she was when she was actually alive.

I think it’s so important to eulogize someone or give nice, appropriate compliments when they’re, like, alive and able to hear the niceties come her way reminding her of her good qualities and positive impacts or attributes.

I remember when one of my young employees in the early days of my restaurant-operating career had come to me in the middle of his shift. He told me how impressed he was with how easy-going and genuine the couple he had just served was and how much they had brightened his day. I told him, “Well, Chuck, don’t tell me, tell them.” 

He did. 

I saw Chuck several years later after his employment with me. He recalled that story to me and told me how much that experience had impacted not only the couple, but him also. He was so grateful for seizing that moment several years earlier to “eulogize” someone when he had had the opportunity.

I try to be mindful of the “power” I have (we have) to lift up others, give meaningful compliments and encourage them, but I also lament the opportunities that I let slip by or intentionally hold back because of my selfish pride. 

Well, if you’re reading this, please take this day to eulogize someone you know in a meaningful and genuine way (…and mean it!). 

Don’t wait until its too late for both of you.

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