My Perspective #39: “Tried and true?” Let me explain.

Yoda said, “Do or not do, there is no try.” 

It‘s either do or not do, did or didn’t, commit or don’t commit. This whole notion of “trying” is like a big, pretty, shiny, shimmering bubble floating across a room — until it’s not. 

“Hey daddy, will you make it to my recital?”

“I’ll try.” (aka I’m super busy and you’re not worth the effort)

“Hey mom, will you make it to my basketball game?”

“I’ll try.” (aka I have a girl’s night, so we’ll see)

“Hey spouse, will you be home for dinner?”

“I’ll try.” (aka go ahead and eat without me)

“Hey good friend, can you pick me up from the airport?”

“I’ll try.” (aka ugh, have you seen the gas prices?)

Hey, ME (insert your name), can I achieve this or that thing (insert a task that requires effort).

“I’ll try” (aka I’m not good enough; I have no intentions)

It is better, I guess, to admit your halfway approach to others’ requests or your own personal pursuits than to give a full-blown yes and then completely flake out.  At least your “trying” sets the tone for an intent or a glimmer of belief in the possibility.

However, I encourage you to avoid “trying” altogether and just commit to a firm yes or a firm no. Then follow through.

So, if there were ever a time to heed the wisdom of a greenish-gray, two-foot tall, pointy-eared Jedi sage, this is the time to do it. 

Do or not do. There is no try.

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