My Perspective #40: “Treat not cheat.” Let me explain.

If you’re part of the pursuit towards an orderly way of life by adhering to deliberate, habit-creating disciplines, then surely you are having your strict days and your cheat days, right? 


Scratch that. We don’t do “cheat” days. We do treat days.

We here at The 3.5.9 Protocol and The Arena Disciplina don’t believe in “cheating.” 

Retire the self-defeating, ridiculous, compromising word. 

We do treat days. Who doesn’t like a well-earned treat?

So, yes, there are treat days and then there are “sabotage” days. 

Treat days are a reward and should be looked at that way. Let’s say you’ve become an esteemed Adherent to The Arena and you have decided to “up your game” by adhering to a “90-Day Lifestyle Modification.”

Well, most of the days for the duration of the 90-Day Life Mod will be planned, disciplined, strict days (not punishing nor unsustainable days, but strict days nonetheless) and then there are the treat days. 

Look at the treat day as a rewarding day. “Rewarding“ because you showed discipline and restraint. Now you can thoughtfully reward/treat yourself (not cheat or sabotage yourself). 

Way to go.

Then there are the sabotage days aka the historically-known “cheat” days. 

Isn’t that right, though? 

When we cheat, we kinda sabotage whatever. We either sabotage our own integrity, sabotage someone else’s trust in us, sabotage a business relationship or sabotage the diet or exercise that we are oh, sO committed to. 

Anyway, cheating isn’t good. 

Retire the word. 

We reward ourselves with treat days and avoid sabotage days. That’s that.

If you decide to make a lifestyle tweak with The Arena Disciplina or if you decide to “go it alone,” approach every day — Every. Day. — with a mindset and a mindsight of capability, grit and tenacity. You’re worth the effort. Tell yourself that.

And, hey, treat yourself in the process. Just don’t cheat yourself. 

Check out the Life Mod here

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