My Perspective #41: “Stronger = more useful.” Let me explain.

The stronger you are the more useful you are. (read that again, slower). 

Now read it like you believe it. 

I don’t know about you, but I want to be useful and used. I want whatever strength, talents and gifts I have to be useful and used if not completely exploited. 

If you don’t think exercise, health and fitness have long-lasting implications beyond, well, just “health and fitness,” I’d challenge you to rethink it.

As the Good Lord sees fit, I want to be as strong and useful as possible until my dying day, and not necessarily in the way that you’re thinking.

I want to have a strong sense of compassion and relatability to others’ fears, hopes, doubts and dreams that I’m seen as empathetic.

I want to be strong enough that my faith inspires others not to worry when it’s easy to worry, but rather to legitimately trust God.

I want to be strong enough in love and considerate anticipation that my family feels safe, secure and well-protected. 

I want to be strong enough in my word that whatever I say I mean and whatever I mean I say, so much so that reminders or followups seem unnecessary. 

I want to be strong enough in my sense of humor that I can laugh at the situation. Laughter has played a vital role in helping me push through difficult circumstances.

I want to be strong to my commitments and responsibilities that I am seen as reliable and dependable. (Article on that: Attachment Anxiety).

I want to be sound, sober and steady in my decisions that others would feel comfortable talking and confiding in me. 

I want to be strong for when the going gets tough. Strong enough to stay resolute and focused that I am seen as steady and sure.

I want to be so strong in my resolve that I’m not easily thwarted and thrown off track by distractions and obstacles. 

And, yes, last but not least, I absolutely want to be strong enough to move a bed upstairs, run fast, push a car to safety, pull myself up by a rope, carry a person to safety etc.

Through God’s help, the stronger I can become in the face of multiple and different occasions, the more rugged, restored and fueled I will be to power me through the next opportunity to be useful and used.

Develop strength, my friends.

Stay strong, my friends.

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