My Perspective #46: “Healthy Heuristic 3 of 3: Don’t worry.”

We are exhorted 365 times in the Bible not to worry or a variation of worry. (There are that many days in a year, in case you didn’t draw the parallel immediately). 

My working definition of “exhortation:” Something stronger than a plea or an encouragement, but not as harsh as a scolding, an admonishment or a shaming rebuke. 

There’s love attached to an exhortation. We are told not to worry so many times because there’s so much love attached to the desire. 

An exhortation removes the need to urge with an incessant pleading or even removes the need to say “please” at all. 

My parents exhorted me to be responsible, make my bed, clean my own dishes, pick up after myself, rely on myself, be a good steward of my blessings and, last, but certainly not least, not to worry. And the need to add “please” to each expectation/standard was implied or just ridiculous to do so.

Let’s face it. We have a thousand reasons a day to worry about something

We aren’t exhorted not to worry as some flippant or dismissive request, but for a reason. The reason is we weren’t created to worry nor to be timid nor to be weak. We were created to be faithful, strong, courageous and steady. 

I know I’ve been guilty at times of misinterpreting “don‘t worry” as a passive-aggressive way to say “grow up“ or to “get a grip.” However, despite the motives behind someone telling me not to worry (which I should accept at face value), I have a daily reminder that I am in Good Hands and to, well, yeah, not worry. 

In marketing we are taught it takes 7-10 times for the consumer to “get the message“ and to take action

Given this statistic, why do we (still) need a reminder every. single. day. not to worry? 

Draw your own conclusion. 

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