My Perspective #48: “To err is human, but…” Let me explain

We’ve all heard the old adage To err is human to forgive is divine

How can anyone argue with that? 

What could I possibly even add to that? 

Well, I do have a perspective on it, so I don’t mind if I do…

The thing is, we can’t blame every dumb, negligent, ignorant, idiotic, shameful, etc thing we do on our humanness, that is to say, because we’re human. 

We do whatever the idiotic or selfish act is, and, oh yeah, we happen to be human. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn out the argument “I’m only human” more times than I can count. Each time said argument was used, the responsibility shifted from my personal responsibility & negligence to my species. 

I didn’t slam the door out of frustration because I’m an earthling. I slammed the door because I couldn’t control my emotions when controlling my emotions was necessary. 

I didn’t act exasperatedly towards my wife because I’m from Earth (or is it Mars?), it’s because I was too selfish to see the issue from her perspective when seeing it from her perspective was necessary.

I didn’t drop the glass pitcher of sweet tea because I’m just a clumsy human, but because I was doing too many things at once and wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings when paying attention to my surroundings was necessary.

I didn’t do the chores I said I’d do not because I’m a forgetful selfish humanoid, but because I put my desires over someone else’s desires when doing the opposite was necessary.

So, here’s a different version: To err is human, but to do it over and over again is annoying.

So, to my fellow homosapiens, quit blaming your kind and take responsibility, but, yet, still forgive. 

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