My Perspective #5: “We are a soul proprietorship.” Let me explain

What a blessing it is to do what you love and to love what you do. 

Not everyone has that blessing, but it doesn’t mean you don’t take your passion or soul with you to the jobsite, school, workplace, home or apply it to learning something new. 

I’m reminded of the story of the two bricklayers: 

Two masons were hard at work sweating underneath the harsh sun. A passerby asked one of the bricklayers, “what are you doing?” “I’m laying bricks!” he replied back swiftly and curtly. Another curious stranger came along and asked the other craftsman what he was doing. The second bricklayer replied back that he was building a church for people to gather, worship, sing and fellowship. 

Maybe the second bricklayer had dreamt of always becoming a mason and had a deep-seeded passion for it. I doubt it, but maybe. The bottom line is he was excited and passionate about his job and was putting his heart & soul into it.

I want to be THAT bricklayer.

Please know that as you follow the 359 Protocol for your chosen avenue of fitness and as you join The Arena Disciplina, you are part of a community that is passionate and exciting. We are bricklayers doing more than just stacking bricks. 

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