My Perspective #51: “Work & wait or wait & work?” Let me explain.

The answer to both questions above is a simple yes. 

Have you heard this saying before: “Good things come to those who wait.

Well, let’s raise the bar a little bit on that nugget of wisdom and then break it down. 

The adage re-imagined: “Good things come to those who work while they wait.” Ta-da!

• The Breakdown part 1: “Good things”

Good things? What does “good” even mean? The “good” thing you’re “waiting” for could very well be the exact opposite. Forgive me if it sounds like I’m quibbling or splitting hairs, but “good” needs to be defined, no? 

My working definition of Good: will it bear fruit in my life, is it meaningful towards my growth and development, does it make me stronger or duller? What’s your definition of good?

• The Breakdown part 2: “The waiting”

I am all about delaying gratification and not getting pulled down the rabbit hole of FOMO or succumbing to fruitless peer pressure. 

So, yes, I do believe good things come to those who wait. 

However, I mostly believe good things come to those who have a vision as part of the waiting process. 

Good things come to those who lay out a plan consistent with the vision as part of the waiting process. 

Good things come to those who strategize executing the plan consistent with the vision as part of the waiting process. 

Voila…you’ve waited yourself right into what you had hoped would come from your tireless (and effortless) waiting. Good for you. 

I firmly believe God can move mountains, but He absolutely expects me to bring my shovel. 

Now, grab your shovel…and wait!

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