My Perspective #52: “Scary good Fartlek.” Let me explain.

Tee-hee. “Fartlek.”

So, when it comes to building muscles and developing strength, The359Protcol has a similar style to a Fartlek training run. 

Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play,” by the way.

Running a Fartlek means adjusting paces/speeds throughout your run. For example, when I run around the neighborhood, I’ll establish different mailboxes as markers to speed up, slow down or run somewhere in the middle and strive to maintain that same pace until the next marker. When I run on the track, I’ll set different markers to, again, speed up, slow down and meet somewhere in the middle. 

With The359Protocol, because it starts with 3 heavy reps at first, then moving to 5 reps at a medium weight then down to 9 reps at a lighter weight (for 3 rounds), the ability to train different muscle fibers and neuro-pathways, well, like in a Fartlek, is maximized. And totally logical. 

If by now you’re not exclusively training with the Protocol, I still feel confident you’ll come around, especially if you’re serious about training, building muscle, stamina or just changing things up. 

I’m always anxious to hear your feedback, perspectives and experiences using The Protocol. 

Email me directly at

Now, quit Fartleking around and train logically. 

P.s. Hooray for junior high humor!

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