My perspective #53: “Go deep to grow deeper.” Let me explain.”

Going deep. 

Growing deep. 

Going deeper. 

Growing deeper. 

Going deep:

Almost 2 years ago now (from the writing of this entry), I had gone to a leadership development retreat called Rise Up Kings

At this retreat I was quickly made aware of how comfortably I was living. When I say “comfortably,” I mean complacently. Complacent in my faith, complacent in my role in my family dynamic, complacent in my finances, complacent in pursuing my goals & dreams, complacent in my fitness, complacent with the friends/people I surrounded myself with, complacent in my own personal growth & development and complacent in how I poured back into other people.

Growing deepI had always been all about the rah rah mentality like “seize the day,” “live to your potential,” “not worrying and trusting God,” “going the extra mile,” stuff like that. In my pathetic defense, it was all totally sincere, but I was still just talking in platitudes and not completely living out my own advice and encouragement. Coming to that realization wasn’t very exciting, but quite humbling. 

And I am sO grateful for it.

Going deeperNow I try to be wildly aware of the things to which I say yesthe people I surround myself with; the stuff I read, watch, listen to; I actually study the Bible with mature measured adults who can pour into me; I workout with a different level of intensity; I intentionally pay forward the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn).

Growing deeper: I used to think “self-improvement” and “personal development” were vain at worst and hokey at best. Now I just think how ignorant and arrogant I was to think so shallowly. 

However, I believe that when the sincerity in our desire to grow finally intersects with the proper avenue in which to do it, man, oh man, watch out! You’ll be a force beyond what you’ve known in yourself. So, stay open-minded, open-hearted and open-handed, BUT stay wise and discerning.

Now fast-forward, I like to think I am actually closer to living a more orderly way of life that reflects in my living. I still invest and pour into my improvement & development in a bunch of different ways and I will continue without hesitation. 

To sum up, I hope & pray The Arena Disciplina can be an avenue of development and improvement for you, your family, your staff, whomever in a way beyond what I ever could have imagined, but no less than what I had hoped. 

I subscribe to the Arena too. I’m on week 42 (as of this entry) in case you’re wondering. 

Now, quit living intentionally, and join me!

Put your intentions into action. Join a Lifestyle Modification here.  

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