My Perspective #54: “Train Like Milo.” Let me explain.

Milo. I like that name. Milo

Milo of Croton was a famous Greek wrestler (from Croton) who would put all the wrestlers of today to shame – if the legend of his amazing strength is true, that is. 

I have no reason to believe that it isn’t. 

He had a fabled strength that was unparalleled and unmatched. He dominated everything. Every sport. Every man. His physical prowess was of legendary status.

It was widely known (or widely alleged) that Milo grew up to be the fiercest force ever known by any friend or foe far or close.

Part of his legendary strength was attributed to his discipline. As a child he would carry a young calf around on his back over his shoulders. 

As Milo got older and grew, so did the calf. 

Even though the calf ultimately grew to be a full sized, quarter-ton bull, Milo continued to carry the bull atop his shoulders. It’s not that it was “easy” for him to do so, it was just what he did. 

Milo’s strength, that reached folklore status, was 100% attributed to his discipline and focus. He had a reason and never lost sight of his reason. 

This type of training could be considered as Time Under Tension. The longer you sustain a weight or a pressure, the stronger you become adapting and adjusting to it and the “easier” it becomes. 

The same principle applies with burdens and implementing a disciplined nature. We all have burdens to bear as big as a bull sometime or the desire to be disciplined in certain parts of our life. Will those burdens and desires crush you? Will they weigh you down? Will they control you? Will you manage them well?

Let’s be mindful of how Milo trained and implement it. 

Let’s become so strong that to bear any burden or implement any meaningful, disciplined behavior well is just what we do. 

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