My Perspective #57: “Don’t bask in your jumpshot.” Let me explain

I played basketball in high school. I can say I was okay. I definitely wasn’t great. That’s not a slam on myself, it just is.

I was so notgreat that whenever I’d sink a jumpshot from “downtown,” I’d stand there basking in my contribution to the score wondering if any of the 10 spectators saw it? 

All the while, the opposing team in a quick transition (like any good, disciplined team would do), would inbound the ball, sprint down the court and match my just-added points. 

I’d still be standing there with a fully out-stretched shooting arm and a bent wrist — basking in what was. 

This was a stark reminder to not only learn a solid trade, but to get back on defense! 

Unfortunately, that story isn’t much of an exaggeration. I often reflect back on that experience to keep me focused. I’ve learned that in the pursuits of having a firm faith, a solid family, a thriving business and a sustaining fitness routine, there will be a lot of highs and lows along those different journeys at different times throughout each journey. 

Some things I’ve learned along the way is to not get complacent & arrogant when things are good or “high,” and not to get discouraged & hopeless when things are bad or “low.” 

It’s ALL “good.“

Some of the good is “justifiable” to, let’s say, bask in and some of the good is “justifiable” to wallow in. Do neither.

So, don’t bask in the good and don’t wallow in the bad.

The thing is, we are either winning or learning, just get back on defense whether you’re doing either.

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