My Perspective #58: “The Entrepreneur Mindset.” Let me explain.

An “entrepreneur mindset” doesn’t mean you must have one to run a Fortune 500 Company – although I’m sure it’s an indispensable quality for shareholders.

Nor does it mean you necessarily have to have one to run a hotdog stand. However, undoubtedly, still helpful.

An entrepreneur mindset is something anyone can possess. Any age.



That guy. 

The woman over there. 

Your child.


An entrepreneur mindset is just a mindset (and mindsight) that commits to do a lot of small, overlooked, but meaningful, things well and consistently via your own volition. An orderly way of life sure can’t hurt.

This mindset, at a bare minimum, thinks ahead, anticipates, considers other options and other people, thinks things through, seeks different opinions, practices measured responses, listens to learn… 

The list of intangible, virtuous behaviors goes on and on. I think picking up pennies is part of the entrepreneur mindset, but I digress…

I remember reading the popular bestseller The Millionaire Next Door as a teenager. It was a good read from what I remember, but I remember thinking there wasn’t much about having a Millionaire “mindset“ or what I refer to as an “entrepreneur mindset.“ 

(Breaking News: not all entrepreneurs are millionaires and vice versa).

I’m not saying everyone can’t be a “millionaire.“ 

Maybe we all can.

I don’t know. 

But we all can be entrepreneurs or at a minimum have the mindset of one. 

Now, how applying a (consistently and orderly) mindset translates later and what is reaped from that sowing, who knows. 

That, my friends, is part of the adventure and the journey. 

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