My Perspective #60: “Work Harder. Work Smarter.” Let me explain.

Let me first explain what I don’t mean.

I don’t mean you should feverishly struggle to fit a square peg in a circle hole. That’s Einstein-level insanity.

And don’t NOT use a jack to change a tire. That would be next level moronic and ridiculous.

I’m just saying make things harder (but still totally doable), because you can and do harder things (as often as you can) because you can that are readily available to you within your faculties and facilities.

Bullet point examples to make it easier for you to read:

* If you can do pullups with good range of motion try doing them with your legs straight out in front of you (because you can)

* If you consider yourself an avid reader, read a 600-page book (because you can)

* If you like to run, run when the weather is so cold or when it’s so hot outside (because you can). Emphasis added because we’ve all said it.

* If you feel confident in your cooking prowess, cook something from 16th century French cuisine (random, I know, but do it because you can)

Whatever it is that you do consciously well or any one of your everyday mundane routines that you do effortlessly well, odds are you do them well enough that you don’t even think about them. This means you need to somehow make them harder (but still doable) and, thus, more personally-developing.

(This is why training using The359Protocol is so good)

Doing hard things, or even doing the things you already do a little bit harder, have incredible character-building attributes. I don’t think I need to bore you with the obvious “side-effects” of doing hard things. Surely, you get it.

Soon, with consistency, the “hard things” will become easier.  At which point, you guessed it, you’ll need to make the things a little bit harder. 

Do you see a pattern?

So, work smarter not harder? 

Yes, but, the harder the smarter.

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