My Perspective #61: “HIIT or MISS.” Let me explain.

The concepts of HIIT-training and MISS-training sum up my approaches to strength-training/anaerobic (for muscles) and endurance-training/aerobic (for cardio). Both approaches put the heart rate in ideal training for incredible, long-term benefits for the average person — like me.

If you’ve been around long enough you’ve heard of HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. (Yes, I know, saying HIIT-training is redundant). This level of intensity can be done ~20% of your training time. 

I believe there has to be a place for HIIT in everyone’s fitness repertoire and regimen. High Intensity Interval Training helps condition the metabolism to perform advantageously throughout the day. Plus, when you train consistency using HIIT, it’s easier to justify those delectable treat meals

The other form of training I incorporate is “MISS.” MISS is an acronym I use playing off the more common industry-known LISS

LISS means Low Intensity Steady State (which has its place, arguably) and MISS means Moderate Intensity Steady State (which is more inline with the standard I try to maintain). 

See that little change? LISS –> MISS. That little change can yield profound results.

LISS “training” from my perspective is strolling through the mall for 2 hours sipping on a Diet Coke or maybe even a Smart Water. Or if you’re LISS’ing, maybe the strolling happens on a treadmill at the gym. I fail to see a lot of benefit in LISS-training, personally.* 

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather you do something over nothing, that’s for sure. So, before you decide to chill on the couch scrolling and eating potato chips, do LISS! 

Moderate Intensity or “MISS,” however, gets the heart rate up to a point where it’s sustainable and hugely beneficial. When you’re training in this “moderate” range, you will see more results more quickly the more consistent you are. And you’ll be able to gauge when to make things harder. This level of intensity can be done ~80% of your training time. 

To sum it all up:

* LISS: arguably the least beneficial, but not a waste of time. Way better than doing nothing. 

* MISS: biggest bang for your buck. ~60-75% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)** over a duration of ~20-60 minutes.

* HIIT: very good, but unsustainable heart rate for long duration workouts; ~75-90% of MHR**; ~30 sec to 20 minutes using interval sets, time-oriented AMRAPs (AMany Reps APossible) and time-oriented EMOMs (Every Minute OThe Minute).

* Combining MISS and peppering in some HIIT while training using The 3.5.9 Protocol: now you’re seriously training for GPP.

So, it’s not a matter of HIIT OR MISS, but rather an issue of HIIT AND MISS.

*I’m happy to read or hear any compelling arguments for LISS-training. I’m very much open-minded to the idea that I’m completely wrong.

**A quick formula to find your MHR: 220 – your age = MHR

So, if you’re 33, your MHR would be 187 from which to base your HIIT and MISS training zones, as referenced above.

NOTE: if you don’t want to put that much thought into it, just devote 30 minutes to exercising and sweating 3 times a week. 

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