My Perspective #62: “You’re a poet! You know it?” Let me explain.

When you enter The Arena, Personal Charges will pop up in different weeks requiring you to read or write (yes, write) poetry. 

Even committing poems to memory has value and breadth (like how I memorized Invictus by William Ernest Hensley here.)

These particular Personal Charges meant to explore and exploit your creativity will fall during the same week of a Workout Challenge that will explore and exploit your physical strengths and weaknesses. 

This is part of the beauty of The Arena Disciplina.

Anywaythis notion of “writing poetry” doesn’t have to be full of eloquent prose of perfectly-patterned iambic pentameter. (hmmm, that was a pretty good use of alliteration). 

Poetry can be a short & sweet love poem, a powerful ethos, a passionate cry filled with metaphors & similes or a free-flow of ridiculousness. 

I prefer the latter, so without further ado, if you’ll indulge me:

“A poem can simply be a kind, uplifting thought to a friend,

Or a passionate declaration of love

Professed to have no unending end.

Your poetry can brighten someone’s day with a smile

Or fill someone’s cup full to the brim.

Either reason above will make your poetry worthwhile. 

Your rhyming scheme of choice

Has no boundaries or limits

For others to hear your unique voice. 

Whether your poem is about love, victory or defeat,

You’re in charge of the flow and cadence to make your poem whole and complete. 

Whichever style you choose, don’t limit your imagination or your wild creativity.

Heck! Make up words like Seuss would.

Yeah, now that’s the “spiritivity!”

Anyone anywhere can write poetry Whether in your tidy home, an arid desert or a rocking marina. 

But, let’s find out.


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