My Perspective #69: “FITness is FUNness.” Let me explain.

If you’re obsessing about having chiseled abs, losing “your gut,” “tightening up” or getting rid of cellulite, then I’d venture to say that the endeavor of getting in shape isn’t very much fun, when getting fit should be fun. 

As far as I’m concerned, pursuing fitness or “getting in shape” should be an absolute BLAST, even if none from the aforementioned list materializes and, of course, without obsessing. 

Now, I say all that to say that I have no illusions or desires of joining any kind of physique circuit, winning any athletic competitions or even being stronger or more in shape than any of my peers.

Notwithstanding any of those qualifiers doesn’t mean I don’t make my personal pursuit to getting fitter, stronger and healthier an important factor in my life.

I make no qualms about nor apologize for my position on exhausting our individual facilities and faculties to becoming stronger and more useful versions of ourselves, in this case, in the form of fitness. The Good Lord Almighty has gifted each of us with talents and parameters in which to “flex” those talents. I would be remiss and irresponsible if I didn’t “exercise” my wherewithal and abilities to utilize my God-given volition to make good decisions regarding my fitness.

With the knowledge and understanding that this body and its abilities aren’t mine and will soon return back to the dust from whence it originally came, gives me a strong motivation and drive to be a good steward of this vessel (aka my body). 

Granted, I still don’t eat as well as I should, but I eat better than I ever have, just like I exercise better now than I ever had. Additionally, exercising and trying to get (and stay) fit has become much more fun now than it ever has been. 

I push and train this vessel to do hard(er) things. I don’t do silly or ridiculous things but I do like to train hardPlease read this article related to working harder.

I’m so grateful I have found a groove with my fitness training routine, specifically by using The 3.5.9 Protocol

Doing so has made fit fun again. I invite you to participate. 

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