My Perspective #80: “Be different. Be disciplined.”Let me explain

As I write these blogs and try to impress upon the reader to take different approaches to “life,” I can only draw upon my own experiences from which to provide any kind of insight.  

Gee thanks, Captain Obvious. duh

From whom else’s experiences can I draw, right? 

No one’s but my own. 

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Now, obviously, there’s tremendous value in learning vicariously through someone else that a boiling pot is hot, jumping off a roof is dumb and drinking bleach is deadly. 

Okay, but, when it comes to living disciplined, I believe I can actually compare apples to apples on how it has impacted my life, that, arguably, it could equally impact your life as well. 

In the last 3 years, having employed more intentional and defined disciplined practices to my everyday life (every day), has helped me realize the amazing benefits that I get from it. And what’s great about this esoteric and scary idea of implementing discipline & order into my life, is not only inarguably beneficial, but it’s actually super darn easy. 

Go to bed earlier.

Get up earlier.

Get ready for the day. Every day.

Put the remote down and play a board game. 

Quit scrolling the sewer that is social media. 

Read and actually finish a book.

Learn a skill: an instrument, martial art, pottery, archery, marksmanship, shoeing a horse…

Exercise somehow every day for at least 20 minutes. At least

Rinse and wash your plate, glass and utensils immediately after using. 

Don’t watch or listen to any garbage that makes you dumb & dull. 

Volunteer your time, talents and treasures.

Make your bed.

Drink just a little more water than what you’re currently drinking.

Be extra mindful of your posture when you walk. Sit up straight in your chair. Don’t slouch. 

Memorize scripture.

Pay bills on time. Keep a zero balance on your credit card.

Use your calendar. Don’t require reminders.

Be intentionally considerate and thoughtful.

Don’t compare yourself, doubt yourself or spend time with people that rob your joy or question your self-worth, no matter how charismatic and charming they are.

Don’t eat that late night snack. 

Only shop on the perimeter of the grocery stores. This will help you avoid the junk food aisle.

Put your grocery cart back in the stall all the time despite the rain, snow, wind or cold weather.

Clean out your car, fridge, pantry, closet, junk drawer OFTEN!

Quit gossiping. If you wonder if you are or justifying the reasons for it. Stop. It makes you look untrustworthy. 

Don‘t eat out. Stay in. 

Avoid the microwave for meals. Cook from a recipe. 

Quit casually cursing. It makes you look ridiculous.

Be thorough. Fully finish the task at hand. Fully

Work and walk with an urgency. Working and walking slowly can be looked at as working and walking smugly.

Devote the energy to being places on time. You run the risk of arriving frazzled and hurried otherwise.

Bear in mind, the “discipline” isn’t necessarily the action, but rather doing the action when you don’t want to and when conditions aren’t ideal. That’s when you can confidently say you are disciplined.

So, yes, these little disciplined tidbits may not change your life, but they sure won’t hurt it.

There are a lot of other meaningful and constructive ways to live that aren’t listed here. What are some ways you are confidently living disciplined & orderly so much so that you can exhort & encourage others to do?

Are you disciplined?

You are different!

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