My Perspective #81: “Sense the lull to avoid it.” Let me explain.

(Narrated version here)

Have you ever experienced an emotional, physical or health-related setback that motivated you enough to promise to do things differently if you could just get through the crisis?

Have you ever said out loud with the utmost conviction that you’ve GOT to start taking better care of yourself?

Have you ever pleaded to God that if He will just get you through the current hardship, you swear you’ll reverse course?

If you haven’t done any one of the things above, then you won’t relate much to this blog post.

I sure have made plenty of these kinds of assertions and “deals” on more than one occasion.

And after somehow managing through said storms, you guessed it, life and its patterns & routines would creep in lulling me back to my rote pre-“storm” attitudes, behaviors and habits completely disregarding the crisis I had just experienced and the pacts I had just made. Should I have been surprised?

Well, those used to be traps that I had to navigate — up until now. 

Having abandoned a lot of different belief systems, I’m now at a place where I can detect the evil lulls that set out to destroy and devour my drive and motivations.

With God’s help, praying for a constant presence of mind and a resolved discipline, I have been able to sense when a lazy lull or an unhealthy belief system tries to make an appearance. Being able to sense it, I’m able to avoid it. 

Simple as that, when before I didn’t know what I should have been sensing to avoid.

Sensing and avoiding the destructive lulls have resulted in my sustained weight loss, efficiently checking off daily agenda items, making time for my child’s Trail Life events, learning new skills all while not rushing, saving money and making time for date nights with my wife. 

My challenge to you: if you want to make changes that add to your quality of life, define the things that need changing, define what to replace them with and then make up your mind to do it. 

You’ll have to make up your mind every single day for awhile until it becomes your new, updated mindset and lifestyle.

Good luck and good senses.

(Narrated version here)

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