My Perspective #82: “What’s crazy, really?” Let me explain.

It’s mid-November as of the writing of this blog post. 

The weather here in Houston had been an oppressive, suffocating HOT in the summer months hitting 110 degrees and then falling all the way down to the low 40’s just a couple weeks ago. 

I know some places around the country experience way colder weather than we Houstonians do, but going from 110 heat with 50% humidity to a wet 40 degree cold is like going from the Sahara to the Tundra, so keep perspective!

Anyway, I say all that to say that I actually like to train in the different climates and elements. “Elements” include running in the hottest parts of the day, running in the cold mornings before the sun comes up, running in the wind, running on the sand, running in the rain, running tough mountain terrain (which I have only been able to do in Arizona), running on snowy inclines (which I have only been able to do in Colorado and New Mexico). 

Actually, one of my most favorite asphalt runs in recent memory was an extremely steep incline in gorgeous WIlliamstown, Kentucky coined by the locals there as “The Gauntlet.” It was too steep NOT to run, so I did.

But, yeah, I don’t like to pass up opportunities to run in what would be considered “crazy” elements. To add an extra layer of adventure and difficulty, I’ll sometimes throw on a weighted vest or a rucking backpack to make it a little more challenging. 

While training in different climates and elements, I get told by people all the time that I’m crazy. Little do they know I’m one of the most sane people that I know. Haha.  

Anyway, with my intention to train differently & with greater levels of difficulty and to live in general a more disciplined & orderly life, I couldn’t help but take the “you’re crazy” comments as compliments. I tell each person with a smile who gives their unsolicited opinion “thank you” and I just keep on trudging along.

I mean, seriously? You mean to tell me doing bear-crawls on dewy 100-yard grass football fields in the cold mornings while wearing a 20# weight vest is “crazy?”

It’s sober, level-headed training, as far as I’m concerned, and maybe they’re not crazy enough. 

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