My Perspective: “Look back and smile.” Let me explain.

#7. With running the risk of sounding trite and cliché, but at the same time reminding of the reality: Time is short. Time is precious. We are here for a blip of time and not guaranteed 5 minutes from now much less “tomorrow.” 

Life is a gift from God. How we use this gift aka life is our gift back to God.  

I don’t intend to sound harsh, but some go through life unscathed and unaccomplished. 

Unscathed because risks hadn’t been taken due to being frozen in self-doubt and fear. Unaccomplished because of fear of failure or “looking stupid” — whatever that means. 

Later, upon life’s final curtain call, wondering whenwhere and how you could have done more could linger.

My definition of success could be way different than your definition of success. Likely, it is! This blog entry isn’t intended to compare my definitions of “success” to yours or to anyone else’s nor is it to persuade you into my train of thought. 

My hope is that action is taken towards worthwhile endeavors fully, consistently and enthusiastically — every day.

That alone is a fine definition of success during your blip of a time here and also worthy of looking back on and smiling.

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