OWL: Don’t eat past 7:30pm

First, before you decide to implement this Accountability Cornerstone within the Lifestyle Modification Challenges, you should consult your doctor.

Besides that, let’s get into it. 

My basic approach to how I “do health & fitness” boils down to 2 minimum important cornerstones: 1) I burn a minimum of 300-700 calories a day, and 2) I don’t eat past 7:30pm.*  

Let’s be honest, 7:30 is still pretty darn late. 

At this point, I typically don’t eat past 6:00pm. But, I digress.

If you’ll allow me to generalize by speaking anecdotally: in my experience, both personally and socially, most hearty meals are typically consumed at the allotted, customary feeding times: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We tend to eat hearty & heavy in the morning, hearty & heavy at lunch and hearty & heavy at dinner. 

Three squares a day! as they say. (And then maybe sneak in a delicious snack before bedtime.)

No amount of exercise could possibly come close to the amount of calories needed to be burned off with that type of daily-eating practice. 

What happens with this kind of eating pattern, seemingly overnight, muscle tone leaves; health, fitness and drive wanes; visceral fat becomes a thing potentially leading to a host of other health problems; and bigger, baggier clothes make an appearance.

When a different approach is taken however, like not eating past 7:30pm* (among other Lifestyle Modification Accountability Cornerstones), weight will slowly come off helping us get closer to maintaining a more “ideal” or preferred weight.

So, for your Life Mod, don’t eat past 7:30. And if you can take it easy on the “hearty & heavy” portions entirely, that’s even better. 

Clearly, eating before 7:30pm isn’t a silver bullet to regaining your health & fitness, but it is one step closer.

*If I do eat past 7:30p and if it’s not a treat day**, I will eat a healthy, balanced snack.

SUCCESS HACKStrategize when you eat dinner. If you get hungry, take in a protein shake, a healthy snack and some water. Just don’t eat past 7:30.

**Treat Days don’t have to be sabotage days aka “cheat days,” so be mindful of that.

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