OWL: Give it up!

Glimpse related to a Personal Charge in The Arena Disciplina

The lyrics to an old Alan Jackson song come to mind: “Too much of a good thang, is a good thang.” 

Except it’s not. 

This week give up your habit, your stronghold, your vice, your addiction, your “good thang.” 

We all have them and if we are honest with ourselves, we all know what they are.

Do you love control? Ask someone else’s opinion and just go with it.

Do you have to be in charge of the remote? Let someone else wield the power.

Are you hot-tempered? Drive slower on the road to different places — on purpose.

Do you love your sugar, coffee, sodas, fried foods, potato chips? Give them up. They’ll still be there when you’re done showing discipline.

Do you need to sedate yourself with unhealthy behavior? Do you need to sleep in late? Do you need to listen to or watch the trash you wouldn’t want your children to see or listen to? Do you need to get lost in the TV? Do you need that drink after work or before bed? Do you need to scroll the cesspool of social media longer than you should?

“No you don’t need to” is the answer.

Whatever the thing that came to mind the moment you read this Personal Charge in your Arena, give up that thing.

Annotate this in Your Week.

Join The Arena Disciplina today!

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