OWL: Minimum water intake.

If you’re doing a Life Mod, the water intake requirements per tier are as follows:

Rookiedrink the equivalent of 3 standard water bottles per each 63 disciplined days. 

JVdrink the equivalent of 5 standard water bottles per each 63 disciplined days. 

Varsity and Elitedrink a gallon of water (the equivalent of 7.5 standard water bottles per each 63 disciplined days. 

A doctor friend of mine once told me none of us are ever as hydrated as we think we are. Then he exhorted me to just drink more water.

I’ve taken that to heart. I now drink enough water that I can confidently call myself a “water-drinker.” 

I drink water all. the. time. 

Don’t get me wrong. I like my iced tea and an occasional Coke (a treat), but I’ll always chase each one down with some water.

I keep my Yeti filled with ice-cold water throughout the day, plus, it’d be a rare occasion not to see me with a Topo Chico in-hand at some point in the day too. 

Drinking one right now as I type, as a matter of fact.

Are you a water drinker? 

In your Life Mod, the required water intake is probably more than you currently drink, have drunk or have been drinking, frankly, and that’s GOOD!

QUICK TIPbegin every morning with a big glass of water or a bottled water before drinking anything else. This is an easy way to get in your required ounces of water for the day.


SUCCESS HACKKnow exactly how much water you need and plan accordingly. A big glass of water to start the day and keeping a water bottle in your car are smart ways to get your water intake.

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