OWL: Nerd Alert!

Maybe I’m weird, but when I get called a nerd, I take it as a huge compliment. 

When I was growing up being called a nerd was a cutdown or a slanderous term. Of course, there were still worse cutdown and slanderous things to be called, but “nerd” wasn’t exactly a term of endearment.

Except for me. I accepted being called a nerd as a badge of honor. 

“Why, thank you. Too bad I can’t say the same thing about you.”

To this day, I love doing “nerdy” things (whatever that exactly means). 

Among many things, I love to read different things, I love to hear lectures about different fields, I love languages including their differences & similarities, I love instruments and each one’s different sounds and their origins, I love different cultures, I love hearing & telling* smart jokes that take a second to land. 

Anyway, are those really weird “nerd” things? What’s the opposite of a nerd anyway? Boring and uninteresting?  Ha!

My wife tells me I’m a nerd trapped in a jock’s body. Now, I’ll take that as a double compliment.

So, this week in Your Arena, take 30 minutes to “nerd out” by watching or reading something totally different but maybe something that actually interests you. 

Annotate this in your weekly journal note!

*I confess I’m not a very good joke teller, but I do love a good corny joke. 

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