OWL: Protein Intake

Your daily protein intake can be done with simple math. 

I get it. There are tons of different trains of thought out there about how much protein you should get. I try to keep things pretty easy and doable by following a simple rule of thumb:

Take in 1 gram of protein for every kilogram (not pound) that you weigh. 

So, if I weigh 208 pounds (which I do), here’s the simple math:

208 pounds DIVIDED by 2.2 (there are 2.2 pounds in 1 kilogram) EQUALS ~94 grams of my minimum daily protein intake.

• If you weigh 150 pounds (150/2.2), that’s a minimum of ~68 grams of daily protein.

• If you weigh 300 pounds (300/2.2), that’s a minimum of ~136 grams of daily protein.


I am not a scientist, nor a nutritionist, for that matter, but all of the omniscient search engines say you need protein to build/rebuild muscles. 

I’ll drink (a protein shake) to that!

Muscle is something you not only need but something you should want. Amen?

Having muscles hosts a ton of benefits and provides plenty of downside for not having them.

In The Arena Disciplina, along with a thoughtful protein intake, we build muscles by using The 3-5-9 Protocol: 3 reps for Power, 5 reps for Strength and 9 reps for Speed.

Hot tip: don’t hesitate to get your protein intake from protein shakes.

Lookout: if you opt for a meal replacement shake to get your protein, be mindful of the carbs and sugar. Both usually high. If you do go that route, just make sure you don‘t eat much of anything else (for that meal).

Note: “Building muscles” doesn’t mean you will be entering any bodybuilding competitions, necessarily, nor does it even mean you’ll get “bulky” in the process, it just means you’ll be improving your posture, building confidence and getting stronger. 

SUCCESS HACK: drink your preferred protein shake in the morning to immediately start your day with 20-40 grams. Do the same thing at different times throughout day. It’s actually pretty easy to do, and absolutely worth the small effort.

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