OWL: Sweet bed-making

I don’t know about you but I love to retire to a made-up bed after a long, productive, blessed day. I’ve learned over the years in my “adult” life that if that is going to happen (my slinking into a made-up bed, that is), I’m going to have to be the one to make it happen. 

If it is to be, it’s up to me, I believe is how the decree goes.

Growing up I HATED making my bed. I always thought that I’m just gonna mess it up again, so what’s the point. That’s still a pretty valid point. I still wrestle with the truism of that point every morning, as a matter of fact.

However, at the end of the internal tussle, the disciplined adult in me wins. Hooray. My desire to have an orderly-looking bed come bedtime trumps my desire to use those 2-3 bed-making minutes differently.

Now, let me add a little bit of transparency (and encouragement) to my #winning bed-making moment. 

I must disclose, my bed doesn’t look how it would look at the Marriott or a Hilton after I get done with it. Shoot, it doesn’t even look as good as it would at a Holiday Inn Express.

Maybe I’m being a little loosey-goosey with my words here. Do I “make-up” my bed? Well, I tidy and tighten up my bed into what I consider orderly and meaningful enough for me to look forward to getting into it. Fair?

So, every morning, the moment my feet hit the ground and immediately after stretching and saying my morning prayer, I tidy & tighten up my bed. 

Doing these three things (stretching, praying & tending to the bed) every single morning sets my trajectory for the rest of the day because I am accomplished the moment my day begins. I have done this routine for so long now, that it’s just a basic staple to my morning routine whether I’m at home or even traveling.

So, every single morning, yes, every. single. morning. start your day by making your bed, so you too can experience the excitement of sweet bed-making.

If you’re going to do a Life Mod in The Arena Disciplina, you’ll get pretty familiar with this morning discipline.

SUCCESS HACKMake your bed the moment you roll out and before doing ANYthing else. Start your day immediately with an achieved goal.

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