OWL: “The Life Mod”

Lifestyle Modification in The Arena here

If you’ve accepted the challenge to do a Lifestyle Modification or “Life Mod” (or if you’re considering it), this is a must-read. 

• TIERS: There are four Life Mod tiers: RookieJVVarsity and Elite. Each tier is a little more disciplined than the one before it. 

Once you’ve begun a Life Mod, you can downsize in the middle of the Challenge, but you cannot graduate up in the middle of one. 

Hot Tip: Start with a tier that will allow you to be the most successful immediately and throughout.

• BREAKDOWN: Each Life Mod lasts just 3 months (or ~90 days). Within that 3 months, you must hit 9 weeks (or 63 days) of “disciplined” days. Each disciplined day has a minimum of 5 cornerstones to hit daily

• DAILY CORNERSTONE REQUIREMENTS: the Rookie tier has 5 daily cornerstone requirements, the JV tier has 6, Varsity has 8 and the Elite tier has 11 daily cornerstone requirements. 

All doable and sustainable!

• TREAT DAYS: The remaining 27 days (the 90-daylong challenge minus 63 disciplined days equals 27 leftover days) are considered “treat days.” A treat day is anything that doesn’t hit one of the daily cornerstones. 

A treat day can be violating a nutrition standard, not drinking the required water, not making your bed, not reading, not eating one of the healthy snacks, not journaling, etc. 

So, not doing any single one of the minimum cornerstones per tier would be considered a treat day. 

You don’t have to take a treat day, just don’t take more treat days than the allotment. Be honest. Only you know.

Remember, we don’t consider a treat day as a cheat day. Read link below for more on that.

• ACCOUNTABILITY: You have to join The Arena Disciplina to participate in a Life Mod (join here), but you don’t have to participate in the weekly Arena Charges/Challenges (unless your Life Mod tier requires it). 

Finally, to keep track, you‘ll need to end each day by indicating in the Life Mod tier at TheArenaDisciplina.com whether you had a disciplined day or a treat day. 

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward. 

Good luck. I’m excited for you. 

Stay disciplined and untreated (haha)!

Helpful and encouraging links to read: 

The Ethos of The Arena Disciplina 

Orderly Way of Life

Treat day not cheat day

The Lifestyle Modification

Join here

Invite someone to do a Life Mod with you!


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