OWL: What’s your BHAG, baby?

BHAG is an acronym for





Once a year, The Arena Disciplina proposes different BHAG ideas to choose from to accomplish over a 10-week period (Weeks 33-42). 

You can create your own too, but your BHAG should be lofty, not ridiculous nor unattainable; it should be important enough for you to want to see it through. 

Only you can care enough to do it. No one can care for you.

If you join The Arena and you show enough, well, discipline (and resolve) to make it to the 32nd week, you’ll be afforded the opportunity and accountability to develop even further as a person over your 10-week BHAG journey.

Here’s a story to help you keep perspective: 

Two friends were talking about life. 

One guy said to the other, “I really want to learn a foreign language.”

“Well, do it!” encouraged his friend.

“But, it’ll take months, maybe a couple years, by the time I actually speak a language well!” retorted the original guy.

“Well, the months and years are going to pass regardless,” his friend snarked back.

Moral of the story: Don’t wait, quit delaying, quit making excuses, quit waiting for the perfect time. Do the thing. Time is passing anyway. You’re not getting any younger, just less driven.

Why are you still sitting there?

My accomplished BHAG as of 12/28/2023: Reading “Don Quixote”

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