OWL: Why the Latin phrases?

Every week among the Personal Charges is a charge to absorb a Latin phrase. 

Over the course of my personal learning and surrounding myself with different teachings, a common theme (among either the resource or the teacher) is a reference (at some point) to Latin. 

For me, Latin has a certain breadth to it that if I allow it to penetrate my studying or my perspective, it’ll affect me in a way that if I hadn’t come across or applied the Latin at all. 

I don’t intend to impress upon you to learn Latin. However, my hope is that, yes, you will take some time to learn Latin phrases or emphases. 

It’s widely accepted (or alleged) that knowing some Latin makes a good impression and it broadens your horizons. 

Now, in all honesty, I have no idea if those claims are true. The purpose of this article isn’t to corroborate the claim, but whether they are or aren’t, I can attest to knowing some Latin is, at a minimum, really cool and at its best potentially relevant. 

 Plus, I feel it has broadened my horizons, so there’s that.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to impart upon you some of my favorite Latin phrases that have actually been huge inspirations to the development of The Arena Disciplina.

“Ordo vivendi” – Orderly way of life

“Potentia vires celeritas” – Power, strength, speed

“Nil volentibus arduum” – Nothing is arduous for the willing

“Gradatim ferociter” – Step by step, ferociously

“Memento mori” – Remember that you will die

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