Read before training with The 3.5.9 Protocol

Video explaining The 3.5.9 Protocol here

The narrated Workout Challenge videos that you’ll see when you join The Arena Disciplina were filmed in my un-pristine garage. 

The point is that you don’t have to go to a gym nor does your garage have to be perfectly “put-together” to get more powerful, stronger and faster. 

The additional point is, there are no excuses.

The 3.5.9 Protocol is THE garage brand.

Whether you’ve just decided that “today is the day” to take back your health & fitness or if you’re a seasoned “exerciser” who wants to train differently, The 3.5.9 Protocol should be considered as part of your avenue of fitness & betterment.

Ease into the training. 

Learn the pattern. 

Listen to your body. 

We trust you will have taken necessary precautions, including getting a doctor’s blessing (if necessary), etc., before engaging in the Workout Challenges portion in The Arena.

Even though The 3.5.9 Protocol starts with 3 heavy reps for the Power component, you can still go lighter on the weight. 

If you go “light” on the weight for the 3 heavy Power reps, that’s okay, just go lighter on the weight for the 5 reps (Strength component) and even lighter on the 9 reps (Speed component). 

The main thing is STICKING WITH THE PROTOCOL and legitimately training

You can do it!

I‘m so proud of you for deciding to take your fitness seriously and I’m even more glad you chose The 3.5.9 Protocol to do just that. 

It’s easy to remember: 

3 reps for POWER

5 reps for STRENGTH

9 reps for SPEED

You got this!

Reflect Discipline. Link to that here

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Article on the effort involved here. 

Article on not working through pain

Read here Why 3 reps? Why 5 reps? Why 9 reps?

Video explaining The 3.5.9 Protocol here

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